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Granite Street

"Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Here"

Where our mission is to build a safe, respectful community and provide an excellent academic foundation for lifelong learning.

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Granite Street Teachers

Granite Street School Teachers
Job Title
Anderson, Amy
Kindergarten Teacher
Angotti, Brenda Music Teacher
Boone, Angela Grade 2 Teacher
Burbe, Renee Computer Teacher
Cutliffe, Donna Secretary
Cassidy, Debbie Grade 4 Teacher
Daigle, Jenny Grade 4 Teacher
Demers, Patty Special Ed Tech
DiBona, Michelle Special Ed Tech
DiCentes, Sheila Special Ed Tech
DiFrederico, Katie Guidance Counselor
Falone, Michelle
Kindergarten Teacher
Garvin, Josh Custodian
Garvin, Ronnie Custodian
Grabber, Debbie Art Teacher
Hartley, Alice School Special Service
Hendsbee, Barbara Special Ed Tech
Ingerson, Cindy
Speech Therapist
Inman, Theresa Grade 6 Teacher
Leach, Jessica PE Teacher
Levesque, Deb Principal
Libby, Kevin Special Education Teacher
Lindsey, Suanne Title I Teacher
Lyons, Carrie Special Ed Tech
Manzo, Frank Special Ed Tech
Manzo, Sara Title I Teacher
McCleary, Mary Title I Teacher
McGreevy, Michelle Special Ed Tech
McManus, Shilo Special Ed Teacher
McNally, Danielle Literacy Interventionist
Michaud, Staci Grade 2 Teacher
Mooney, Debbie Grade 3 Teacher
Murchison, Nicole Title I Teacher
Nadeau, Lorrie Special Ed Tech
Oakes, Heather Grade 5 Teacher
Osborne, Mary Special Ed Tech
Osborne, Michelle Special Ed Tech
Petrin, Kim Grade 1 Teacher
Potvin, Jill Title I Teacher
Raymond, Rose

Rollins, Falene 

Grade 3 Teacher

Ryan, Diane

School Special Service

Sipe, Stacey

Special Education Teacher

Stevens, Margo

Grade 6 Teacher
Streams, Kylie Title I Teacher
Tanous, Sharon Special Ed Tech
Tinkess, Judy Special Ed Tech
Waite, Danielle Grade 1 Teacher

Wheaton, Melissa

Grade 5 Teacher
Winters, Lynn Occupational Therapist